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The myths in the ancient, the rarity in the antiques, the timeless charm in the vintage, the chic of the retro – all form the soul of this part of our world. People, places, platters, pyramids and their magical stories… this is for the love of it all. Here's Chicory Chai's Creative head bringing memoirs from the antiquity and introducing the past to the present :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

The ageless wonder

“Getting old ain’t for sissies, I tell ya”. That’s Irin Apfel for you.

She makes me want to philosophize life. And then I just want to let it be. Because the moment I start to put it in words, I would only be mocking it. I would be containing something that is boundless; giving form to something superlatively surreal & sublime.

To me, Iris on the outside is just the revelation of what she is inside. At 90, her style, her colors, her attitude & her penchant for just being surpasses any logic I know. I don’t think this kind of dauntless aura comes out of just wanting to be violently different. It glows because you have embraced life instead of fighting it; because every time you looked back, you only smiled. It shows because you have danced to the melody of moments, because you acted your heart. It grows bigger by the day because you treat time like a piece of art…

Iris to me is a mystery I don’t want to solve. I just want it to stay with me as long as I want to evolve.

Photographs courtesy AB 


Sanchita Ghosh said...

Awesome, Himani!! It is a charming corner. Love the parchment feel :) Keep sharing more!


Thank you so much Sanchita :)